Reflections and spelldice

Posted Nov 10th, 2021

I've now been playing tabletop games for almost three years. No steady games the entire time but certain events (changing jobs, coronavirus and associated lockdowns, etc etc) have brought change and allowed me to stay in one game for at least a few sessions.

Thank you Brian, Oli, LED. You have all done great so far. Seriously memorable experiences that I'll treasure forever. Brian, I love herosys and I love combat, but I look forward to more character interaction. So far Kim feels a bit flat characterwise. Oli, the aggie is the best online tech I've seen, very versatile. Mayhaps better than roll20? LED I wish I did more during the campaign and was more of a risk taker. Thanks for running the game either way.

Rest in piss coppersmith character who's name I don't remember. Hogrid best (by process of elimination) character. I crave more of him. However I will say the aggie is the best piece of tech I've seen in an online game so far and I appreciate our mapper and his ability. I think something similar is necessary in every game.

Uhhhhh, I barely remember the 5e game led but thank you. I wish I'd done more and been a better player? But I really liked the setting and the work you put into making the game fun for me. I've never had that cool of a tabletop experience before.

Now onto a cool idea that's not myne

God is real and he's given us spell dice. (almost all of this is lifted from Arnold goblinpunch.)

Let me explain. I hate daily spells, limit them in a reasonable way that doesn't involve some moist ethery tart deciding she can skim gold off of every two bit sorcerer that says the magic words while making gang signs.

Now onto the actual mechanics. Spell dice involve rolling a d6 to decide if your spell leaves your head for a time. Spell dice are used to determine the effectiveness of your spell's. Either through the sum of the roll, or number of dice you put into use at a time.

A two or more means you keep that dice. Rolling three sixes all at once incurs a doom. Which is magical karma or recoil. You can roll multiple spell dice at a time according to your level or maybe even by performing foul rituals to remove them from other mages.

All of this comes together to make spellcasting more of a gamble, keep it dynamic, and keep players engaged with their spells. Yes more math, but it's pretty clear and comes from someone who has experience (IE not me.)

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